Cross for a New Generation

A New Cross for a New Generation with a New Message:

With over 1.9 billion Christians worldwide from all different walks of life, it’s easy for followers to focus too much on what Jesus looked like and too little on what Jesus did.Yet with his inspired sculptural piece, In His Own Image, Don Livers is trying remind people what matters most: Jesus is love.After months of being unable to concentrate in his nightly worship, was awoken at 3 AM on a Wednesday unable to sleep. He was struck with images of Christ that didn’t agree with his spirit, so he prayed for the Lord to show him his face.Suddenly, a clear picture came to his mind and Livers found himself drawing his representation of Christ. The Indiana native used his initial drawing as a blueprint for an abstract sculpture that symbolizes Christ’s love and ultimate sacrifice of mankind.What’s most fascinating about the piece is its ability to be so many things at once. From one angle, it’s an image of Christ carrying the cross on his back, from another it’s a key (as in Christ is the key to salvation) or it can be simply read as love, which is what Christ undoubtedly is.For Livers, this work is not of him, but a gift from God. Livers has partnered with his son Christian, working together to share this with believers around the world so they too can find peace in an image of Christ that is truly representative of him.

The piece is available to purchase in the form of a necklace or the Christian Educational Kit. If interested, please click on our S.I.G.A Shop tab above.